PI Dressage

This autumn brings a totally new dimension to PI! –  The PI Dressage Winter League.

Ever wished that you and everyone else in the dressage competition could compete on the same horse? A perfectly schooled horse so that any penalties you received were related to your own riding ability and not the badly behaved horse?

Ever wished that you could see how the woman who won the dressage competition would do if she was riding your horse and not her own, which cost thousands?

Well this autumn and winter you can – PI makes it possible to see just how good (or not) you really are and allows everyone to compete on a totally level playing field.

So what, or who is, PI. PI is our Posture and Alignment Indicator – a sort of non-moving electronic horse. Sensitive sensors record your weight distribution and rein contact. Sit in perfect balance and PI will ‘trot’ a perfect centre line, adjust your hips fractionally and ride a 20m circle or 3 loop serpentine.  Ride with equal contact on your reins and your diagonal line will be perfect, use too much rein and your line will be way off.

There are 3 levels of competition, Intro, Prelim and Novice.  Whilst the actual test is the same for each level, the degree of accuracy needed to score highly gets progressively more demanding.

The scoring (which is done by the computer and so takes the subjectiveness out of the judging) is based on

  • the accuracy of the ridden pattern
  • rhythm (consistency of speed)
  • excessive use of the reins
  • touching the perimeter fence

PI responds to your slightest seat (weight) and rein aid – ride perfectly and you’ll score a 100 per cent! Unfortunately she is very sensitive, so if you’re sitting skew-whiff your centre line may well receive penalty points. And sit too far back and she’ll loose rhythm, or stop!

You can compete in the Winter League as an individual, or as part of a team of 4. Or even both! You can enter as many times as you like and the person and team who has the highest score at the end of the league will be the champion(s)! Each PI dressage competition will have both individual and team winners.

We recommend you start in Intro, but the choice is yours. Please note that if you score above 75 per cent in Intro you will have to compete in Pre Lim the next time you ride. Score 80 per cent or more in Pre Lim and you have to compete in Novice.

The cost of £30 includes 15 minutes practice so you can get acquainted with the way she responds to your seat and rein, plus the test. The actual test will take between 10 and 15 minutes. You will also receive a copy of your score sheet. Subsequent tests are available for just £10 but exclude the 15 minute warm up.